About Me
My name is Prasanna. I'm a 14-year-old.

My birthday is
January 24, 2007.
Primary reason for rescue

At-risk of child marriage

1st language


Chores at home

Washing dishes, fetching water, sweeping house, and cooking during holidays.


8th grade

School year


Favorite school subject

Tamil & English.

Career goal

To be a teacher.

Favorite color


Favorite activity

Playing hide & seek and Carom board game.

My Story

Prasanna’s father was an alcoholic and abused her mother daily. Her mother couldn’t bear it any longer and ended her life when Prasanna was only a year old. Six months later, Prasanna’s father’s mental illness became so bad that he was unable to work or connect with his baby daughter. He left her with his parents, who then passed Prasanna on to another of their son’s families.

Prasanna was briefly sent to boarding school when her aunt started to mistreat her. Then she went back to live with her grandparents and attend school in their village. But their income is not enough to support both Prasanna and her sick father. Prasanna’s uncle wants to marry her off, even though she is only 13. There were also threats of sending her to do daily manual labor. Prasanna was scared when at home because she didn’t want to get married or do field labor. 

We took quick action when we heard there was a possibility of a child marriage. We provided food, relief, and counseling for Prasanna and her grandmother so that they would know they were supported and loved. 

Your sponsorship is important because it helps keep Prasanna safe from child marriage and field labor. You’re also providing Prasanna with food and the support needed to continue her studies. By sponsoring Prasanna, you are making her feel capable, loved, and needed.