About Me
My name is Ashalatha. I'm a 7-year-old.

My birthday is
March 3, 2013.
Primary reason for rescue

Discrimination stifling potential

1st language


Chores at home

Sweeping the house, washing dishes, cooking meals, and washing clothes.


Never enrolled until after rescue

Favorite color


Favorite activity

Skipping rope.

Favorite movie

Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (a Telugu drama-action film).

My Story

Ashalatha grew up in poverty and in an unloving family. Her parents are rag-pickers who spend most of the little money that they earn on alcohol. They severely neglect Ashalatha and do not care for her basic needs—and they have no desire to do so. Because her father only wanted a boy, he began to hate his daughter, abusing her because of her gender. While her parents are away working or drinking, Ashalatha is at home alone, performing household duties including cooking and cleaning. She has never been sent to school and does not have friends because of her disheveled appearance and the fact that she lives in a slum. The discrimination that Ashalatha experienced in her home affected her emotional, mental, and physical development.

Thankfully, our partner discovered Ashalatha’s situation, informed us, and we sent one of our social workers to visit her home. Upon arrival, it was evident that the makeshift home was an unsafe home, and she was living in unsanitary conditions without food. Ashalatha told us how all she desires is to eat good food, live in a safe place, and go to school like other girls. She stated specifically that she did not want to stay at home, and the effects of her life were evident in her discouraged demeanor. Our social worker explained to her parents the dangers of high alcohol intake and the importance of education and a safe place for Ashalatha, to which they responded that they did not have the means to send her to school. They agreed to allow Ashalatha to live in a safe home and be sent to school.

In our care, Ashalatha can stop and take a breath to see what her world truly could and should be. She is now able to attend school for the first time in her life, meeting girls her age, and mingling, learning, and playing with them. Because of your sponsorship, Ashalatha is in a safe environment far from abuse. With your help, Ashalatha will continue to see and experience her life in a completely different way—understanding her value and potential as a girl.