Deepika Rai

About Me
My name is Deepika Rai. I'm a 11-year-old.

My birthday is
September 5, 2009.
Chores at home

Sweeping, helping mother with cooking


3rd grade

School year


Favorite school subject

English language

Favorite color


Favorite activity

Playing Kabbadi

My Story

Deepika Rai was neglected and malnourished when she was found by our partner's staff worker. They soon learned that Deepika Rai's father was a drug abuser and also abused his family. Our partner was able to help her father battle his addiction and her is doing well. Deepika Rai, unfortunately, is unable to attend school because her family cannot afford to send her to school. Your sponsorship will allow Deepika Rai to attend school and live in a safe house where she will receive proper nutrition, a bed to sleep on, and medical attention if needed. She will be taught that she is valued and valuable.