Sruthi Pammi

About Me
My name is Sruthi Pammi. I'm a 10-year-old.

My birthday is
November 16, 2012.
Primary reason for rescue

At-risk of physical or sexual violence

1st language


Chores at home

Fetching water and doing laundry.


2nd grade

School year


Favorite school subject


Career goal

To be a teacher.

Favorite color


Favorite activity

Playing Kho Kho (a popular tag game).

Favorite movie

Vakeel Saab (a Telugu legal drama).

My Story

Sruthi Pammi’s parents only wanted sons so their family name could be carried on. Both of her parents were deeply disappointed by the birth of Sruthi Pammi and her younger sister. Her parents severely neglected them both for being girls. Sruthi Pammi was forced to be her little sister’s caretaker, even though she was a young girl herself, and was also taken to work in the field to earn extra money for her parents instead of attending school. If Sruthi Pammi did not work up to her parents' expectations, they would often scold or beat her.

One of our social workers saw Sruthi Pammi working in a field and inquired about her wellbeing. After learning about her situation, our social workers were able to confront her parents for their negligence and intervene on her behalf. Sruthi Pammi has been rescued from her abusive environment and is safe.

Your sponsorship ensures she is enrolled in school and receiving an education instead of being a child laborer and caretaker. It also provides Sruthi Pammi with ongoing support and counseling from our social workers who are teaching her the value and worth of being a girl!