About Me
My name is Sudheeshna. I'm a 2-year-old.

My birthday is
October 27, 2020.
Primary reason for rescue

Rescued from selective mortal neglect

1st language


Favorite activity

Playing with her toys.

My Story

After Sudheeshna was born, her father began to severely neglect her because she is a girl and abused her mother for giving birth to her. Sudheeshna often went without proper care, love, and affection and was heavily discriminated against in her household. Although her mother wanted to care for her sufficiently, she couldn’t do so without the support of her husband. 

Our social workers learned about Sudheeshna and were able to confront her father and, ultimately,  intervene on her behalf. Your sponsorship ensures Sudheeshna is receiving proper care and nutrition for her overall development, as well as a healthy environment to grow. More than that, she will learn she is loved and valued as a girl.