About Me
My name is Saranya. I'm 9 years old.

My birthday is
July 15, 2011.
Primary reason for rescue

Rescued from forced child labor

1st language


Chores at home

Washing clothes and dishes.


5th grade

School year


Favorite school subject


Career goal

To be a teacher.

Favorite color


Favorite activity

Running races.

Favorite movie

Motto & Pathlu (an Indian cartoon).

My Story

Saranya faces severe gender discrimination from both of her parents. Her father and mother both view her as the household slave, rather than their precious daughter. The home is filled with strife and conflict due to the failed attempts at having a baby boy. Saranya is the oldest of two girl children and receives the brunt of her parents' hate and anger.

One day, her father discontinued her education and forced her into manual labor along with his wife. Sympathetic neighbors approached our social workers and informed them. We arranged a meeting and devised a plan to provide counseling to the family and continue Saranya’s education.

Your sponsorship will rescue Saranya from illegal child labor, provide her with proper food and clothing to thrive, and an education. Most of all she will be taught that she is loved, valuable and that her life has immeasurable worth.