Lakshmi Pranathi

About Me
My name is Lakshmi Pranathi. I'm 10 years old.

My birthday is
November 15, 2010.
Primary reason for rescue

Rescued from forced child labor

1st language


Chores at home

Sweeping the house and washing dishes.


3rd grade

School year


Favorite school subject

Social Science

Career goal

To be a police officer.

Favorite color


Favorite activity

Playing hide & seek.

Favorite movie

Fidaa (a Telugu romantic-comedy film).

My Story

Before Pranathi was even born, her two older sisters were told they were a burden and worthless to the family. When their new sister was born and he realized she was a girl, Pranathi’s father abandoned the family altogether. As Prananthi grew up, her mother worked all day as a maid and barely saw her daughters. In an effort to rid herself of the financial burden, Pranathi’s mother married her two older daughters off before they were even 16.

Pranathi learned early on that if she wanted something, she would have to work for it herself. She begged her grandmother to financially support her education and was able to secure a spot in the local school. She wanted to learn all she could and escape the same fate as her sisters.

Sadly, Pranathi’s grandmother passed away when she was in the third grade. Devastated, Pranathi mourned her grandmother and asked her mother if she would still be allowed to go to school with her friends. Her mother scolded her and insisted that she would instead be married. Pranathi’s mother blamed her for all misfortune that had come to their family and abused her severely.

When our social workers were approached by Pranathi’s family, we immediately intervened. At first, Pranathi’s mother blamed Pranathi for causing more misfortune to their family. Thankfully, we were able to assure Pranathi’s mother that we only wanted to help, and explained how valuable Pranathi is and that she is worthy of love and care. Finally, we were able to convince her mother to allow us to care for her daughter and provide her an education.

Now, Pranathi has not only returned to school, but she is thriving. She has the self-confidence to stand up to others that may try and tell her she is worthless. Because of you, Pranathi is no longer in danger of being married before her 18th birthday, and she will not be abused by her caretakers. She knows she is safe, cared for, and capable of chasing whatever dreams she has in her future.