About Me
My name is Chaithanya. I'm a 9-year-old.

My birthday is
February 12, 2013.
Primary reason for rescue

At-risk of child marriage

1st language


Chores at home

Fetching water, washing dishes, and cleaning the house.


1st grade

School year


Favorite school subject


Career goal

To be a lawyer.

Favorite color


Favorite activity

Playing Kho Kho (a popular tag game).

Favorite movie

Ishq (a Hindi romantic-comedy film)

My Story

Chaithanya’s parents severely neglected her for being a girl. Her parents believed the only way to escape poverty was to give birth to a son. After Chaithanya was born to them, they were deeply disappointed and often refused to give her any type of proper attention or care. Her parents falsely believed her to be a burden, so they would take her to do hard, manual labor by working on farms to earn them money instead of sending her to school. Her parents even devised a plan to have her married off at a young age so they could be free of the burden they believed she was. Our social workers saw Chaithanya working on a farm and inquired about her wellbeing. After learning about her situation, our social workers were able to confront her parents for their negligence and intervene on her behalf.

Your sponsorship ensures Chaithanya is enrolled in school rather than becoming a child bride or being a child laborer. It also provides her with ongoing support and counseling from our social workers who are teaching her the value of being a girl!