Devi Manasa

About Me
My name is Devi Manasa. I'm a 5-year-old.

My birthday is
September 18, 2016.
Primary reason for rescue

At-risk of physical or sexual violence

1st language


Chores at home

Cleaning the house and washing dishes.


Never enrolled until after rescue

Favorite school subject


Career goal

To be a teacher.

Favorite color


Favorite activity

Playing Kho Kho (a popular tag game).

Favorite movie

Krack (a Telugu action thriller film).

My Story

Devi Manasa was constantly faced with the harsh realities of physical and verbal abuse from her parents. Disappointed that Devi Manasa was not born a boy, her father began to physically abuse both her and her mother. Devi Manasa’s mother was unable to cope with her reality and started to lash out at Devi Manasa as well. 

Unable to understand how she was the root of these abuses, Devi Manasa stayed quiet and preferred to be alone most of the time. Devi Manasa was forced to stay home and complete household chores rather than go to school and receive an education. She longed for a safe place to call home.

Your sponsorship allows Devi Manasa to go to school and live in a safe home where she is protected from harsh physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. She is safe, has access to nutritious food and education, and most importantly, she is being told truth: she is loved, she is valuable, she is worthy!