Eswara Priya

About Me
My name is Eswara Priya. I'm a 7-year-old.

My birthday is
October 31, 2014.
Primary reason for rescue

Rescued from selective mortal neglect

1st language


Chores at home

Sweeping and cleaning the house.


4th grade

School year


Favorite school subject


Career goal

To be a police officer.

Favorite color


Favorite activity

Playing Carrom (an Indian board game).

Favorite movie


My Story

Eswara Priya’s father only wanted sons in his family because he falsely believed that girls were financial burdens. Soon after marriage, his wife gave birth to two daughters. He was greatly disappointed by this and began to severely neglect his wife and daughters. Eswara Priya and her sister were eventually sent to a government-regulated school by their mother, but their father forced his wife to take the girls out of school so they could learn agricultural work and earn money for the family.

Although Eswara Priya’s mother deeply cared for her daughters, she was unable to sufficiently provide for them without the support of her husband. The girls began to work as child laborers with their mother every day. Most of the time, they were too small to do the work appropriately and suffered greatly in the hot sun.

Desperate to help her daughters, Eswara Priya’s mother reached out to our social workers and explained her situation. When our partners learned about Eswara Priya and her sister, they were able to confront her father and intervene on their behalf. Your sponsorship ensures Eswara Priya is enrolled in school and receives a good education rather than becoming a child laborer. It also allows her to receive ongoing support and counseling from our social workers who will teach her that she is loved and valued as a girl.